About Us

About us

We are Daves Chimney Repairs

We have 30 years experience of supplying and fitting stoves

Dave’s Chimney repairs is a family owned business which specialises in the construction and repair of new and existing chimneys. The business is owned and managed by Dave who has many years of experience in the construction as well as chimney repairs. Having the many years experience in the building industry has given Dave the advantage over other chimney repair companies.

Our team of professionals work on repairing chimneys nationwide, and there no job that we haven’t experienced.

Our team of fully-qualified surveyors and installers provide a full chimney investigation with our latest video technology.
It’s then when we see the causes and effects determined that we can recommend the most appropriate action.



Experience & Trust

Our team repair and resolve all chimney problems throughout Ireland with a minimum of disruption. We have 30 years experience of supplying and fitting stoves

We then provide you with full comprehensive report, which lay testament for insurance claims as requested by the insurance industry and also for your own benefit so that you know the very best job is done when completed.

Apart of the common problems with aging chimneys, to ensure all combustion gases and fumes including carbon monoxide are extracted safely and remain effective.

Health & Safety

Dave’s Chimney repair recognises the rights and obligations of employees by providing safe practise for their health and safety when working with our company. All employees are aware of our policy to prevent hazard conditions for other employees and for visitors that arrive unexpectedly on site.

Protected clothing and wearable head gear are supplied for the health and welfare of our workers.

Employees must adhere to safety requirements by wearing the protective clothing and safety headgear, together with periodically training on site on how to use equipment in a safe manner.

All employees are under a duty to take reasonable care of their own safety first and foremost and then safety of their colleagues. Dave acts as safety officer to review any potential risks at or around the site when operations are in progress.

Insurance Claims Handled

Our climate here in Ireland gives rise to a lot of problems, as chimneys are the most exposed part of a property, over time weather extremes such as hot, cold and frost all plays untold damage.
In most cases, masonry chimneys are not designed to handle the venting requirements of modern high-efficiency heating appliances burning liquid propane, natural gas, oil, wood, pellet fuel, or coal. These improperly lined chimneys can cause a number of costly structural and cosmetic problems for the homeowner and also create potentially serious safety hazards.

Daves Chimney Repairs

Let us serve your chimney needs

Ballinamona, Durrow, Tullamore, Co.Offaly

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